Singprov taster workshop

3rd October 2022 - 19:30 to 21:30

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So we all know that improv is great for our mental health, right? And we (probably) all know that singing is also great for our mental health, right? So how great, fabulous even, would it be putting the two together, with Improvised Singing, or SINGPROV!

Can you imagine just how much fun that would be?

Well now you don't have to imagine any longer because DIMPLES! (Dogface Improv Musical Performers Light Entertainment Society!) is running a workshop for that very thing and for you!

The session is open to anyone who wants to have a go - no previous improv or singing experience needed, and if you think you can't sing, then we're here to prove that you can! There will be group games, pair games and maybe some solo singing if you want to - all accompanied by our very own Mr Music (well actually, he's called Richard).


St Edmunds Church, Fishergate, Norwich, NR3 1SE

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