Improv is brilliant for wellbeing!

Improv offers an opportunity to be playful, connect with others, be a bit silly and have a laugh in a low pressure environment.

As adults we forget that we're allowed to play, and in fact that play is a wonderful and enriching thing to do. Improv isn't just for those who want to perform on stage. Many people attend our classes and workshops to have fun and meet new people.

There's no pressure - improv is the art-form that you can't do wrong, so you're free to just express yourself, connect with others and marvel at the brilliant and funny things that you create together.

If you're looking for somewhere to start, then our drop-in classes are a good place. We run an in-person Sunday morning session in Norwich and a Thursday evening online session over zoom. Both of these sessions are run by experienced and supportive improv coaches and are a lot of fun - you don't need any previous experience at all to attend these. Check out the classes page for more information.

We have also run many wellbeing sessions for various groups including mental health and anxiety support groups, groups supporting disabled people with physical impairments and groups whose members have differing neurodiversity.

If you would like us to run a wellbeing session for your group, we would love to do that - please get in touch.

We run a fund to provide subsidised or free tickets to those who can't afford to enroll - if you'd like to contribute to the scholarship fund click here

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